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7:00:42 PM lord tanamo take me back to jamaica
7:03:25 PM clue j & the blues blasters little willie
7:05:19 PM stranger & gladdy chances
7:08:22 PM slim smith i've got your number
7:10:47 PM hopeton lewis live it up
7:13:40 PM harmonians music street
7:15:30 PM slim smith everybody needs love
7:17:52 PM winston scotland quick & slick
7:20:15 PM roland alphonso one thousand tons of megaton
7:21:58 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:23:28 PM alton ellis chatty chatty people
7:28:41 PM slickers mother matty
7:30:33 PM peter tosh them a fe get a beatin
7:33:05 PM third & fourth generation get a beaten
7:35:17 PM gregory isaacs don't believe in him
7:37:09 PM roland alphonso music house
7:37:15 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:39:37 PM king sporty feel good all over
7:42:21 PM dillinger bangarang
7:45:30 PM u roy i shall not be moved
7:47:53 PM junior byles curly locks
7:50:45 PM lee & junior dreader locks
7:54:30 PM johnny lover/charley ace head cup
7:57:44 PM third & fourth generation echo version

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