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7:00:55 PM Derrick Morgan Shake a leg B
7:04:23 PM Silvertones My true confessions
7:06:51 PM Termites Do the rocksteady
7:10:25 PM Roy Shirley Warming up the scene
7:13:24 PM Rulers Be mine
7:15:44 PM Bruce Ruffin I?m the one
7:18:12 PM Lord comic/destroyers Franco Nero
7:20:39 PM Destroyers Franco Nero part 2
7:20:44 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:23:53 PM Cambodians Coolie man
7:26:09 PM Freddie mcgregor I am ready
7:28:46 PM Jackie Mittoo Evening time
7:31:02 PM Saints My precious love
7:33:52 PM Devon Russell Move on up
7:37:31 PM Treasure isle all stars Gemini rock
7:37:40 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:42:01 PM Delroy Wilson Do good
7:42:37 PM Culture Children of Zion
7:46:21 PM Anthony Johnson Life is not easy
7:52:19 PM I Roy Rostas
7:56:18 PM Joe Tex/U brown Friday evening
7:58:38 PM Revolutionaries Forward to Africa

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