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lloyd and glen, owen gray, roy panton, los caballeros orchestra, ken boothe, ethiopians, alton ellis, treasure isle all stars, d. tony lee, Roland Alphonso, freedom singers, paragons, viceroys, wailing souls, roland alphonso, gregory isaacs, well pleased and satisfied, junior byles, horace andy, carl dawkins, wailers, derrick harriott

7:00:00 PM lloyd & glen too late
7:04:45 PM owen gray millie girl
7:06:46 PM roy panton w/los caballeros orchestra control your temper
7:09:04 PM ken boothe drums of freedom
7:11:54 PM ethiopians fire fire
7:14:28 PM alton ellis lord deliver us
7:17:29 PM treasure isle all stars caught you
7:17:34 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:20:02 PM d. tony lee regay time
7:22:59 PM 2:45 D Tony Lee & Roland Alphonso Red Gal Ring Who Wants Some? 2023 17 North Parade
7:25:35 PM freedom singers monkey man
7:27:45 PM paragons danger in your eyes
7:30:39 PM viceroys so many problems
7:32:49 PM wailing souls trouble makers
7:37:30 PM roland alphonso strangers on the shore
7:37:34 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:40:02 PM gregory isaacs public eyes
7:42:53 PM well pleased & satisfied chat chat
7:46:21 PM junior byles joshua's desire
7:48:04 PM horace andy skylarking/a better version
7:54:53 PM carl dawkins/wailers cloud nine
7:57:36 PM derrick harriott look over your shoulder version in dub

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