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7:00:43 PM derrick morgan/drumbago all stars golden rule
7:04:19 PM fredrick bell rock steady cool
7:05:51 PM prince buster shaking up orange street
7:08:33 PM kingstonians more wine
7:11:20 PM versatiles long long time
7:13:35 PM conquerors i fell in love
7:15:55 PM melodians rock it with me
7:19:13 PM jj all stars version drop
7:19:14 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:21:14 PM clarendonians you can't be happy
7:24:58 PM dennis alcapone power version
7:27:28 PM clarendonians you won't see me
7:31:10 PM soulettes king street
7:33:15 PM stranger cole/ken boothe world's fair
7:36:19 PM dennis alcapone/ken boothe home home version
7:38:40 PM dub specialist starring dub
7:38:42 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:41:45 PM lizzy joy stick
7:44:47 PM peter tosh romper room
7:47:05 PM prince jazzbo school
7:49:34 PM pat francis king of kings
7:52:17 PM bob andy life
7:55:56 PM in crowd riding high

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