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bunny and skitter, wailers, stranger and gladdy, andy capp, alton ellis, slim smith, lord creator, winston williams, yvonne harrison, marcia griffiths, john holt, king cannon, rupie edwards, delroy wilson, lloyd charmers, sly roker, treasure isle all stars, kojak and liza, black uhuru

7:00:34 PM bunny & skitter chubby
7:05:33 PM wailers jailhouse
7:07:52 PM stranger & gladdy one love
7:10:18 PM andy capp the law
7:12:46 PM alton ellis i can't stop now
7:15:53 PM slim smith born to love
7:18:34 PM lord creator unfaithful baby
7:20:38 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:22:39 PM winston williams love in still waters
7:25:31 PM yvonne harrison near to you
7:28:10 PM yvonne harrison take my hand
7:30:13 PM marcia griffiths shimmering star

7:34:21 PM john holt everybody needs love
7:37:03 PM king cannon everybody needs version
7:37:06 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:39:55 PM rupie edwards here comes the sun
7:42:07 PM delroy wilson pretty face girl
7:44:24 PM lloyd charmers harmony
7:47:48 PM sly roker like hollywood humpty dumpty
7:50:36 PM treasure isle all stars chucky love
7:53:16 PM kojak & liza bam bam
7:56:24 PM black uhuru happiness

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