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7:00:37 PM lord tanamo woman smarter than man
7:03:49 PM derrick & patsy love not to brag
7:06:48 PM kent & jeannie daddy
7:08:58 PM delroy wilson can't you see
7:12:15 PM freddie mckay fine fine fine
7:14:14 PM al & the vibrators i'll come back
7:16:25 PM ike bennett/crystalites try a little merriness
7:17:03 PM setbreak
7:18:59 PM bunny & bunny on the town
7:21:35 PM dobby dobson strange
7:23:26 PM techniques i wish it would rain
7:26:59 PM glen & dave show me the way
7:28:24 PM hortense ellis sitting in the park
7:31:24 PM ethiopians throne of justice
7:34:19 PM crystalites earthly sounds
7:34:25 PM setbreak
7:37:02 PM lloyd robinson fire fire
7:40:44 PM chosen few am i black enough for you
7:43:16 PM well pleased & satisfied walla walla - 12" version
7:49:12 PM dennis brown three meals a day
7:53:17 PM junior murvin people get ready
7:56:47 PM upsetters people get ready dub

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