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lee perry, lord tanamo, count lasher, lyn taitt, baba brooks band, west indians, desmond dekker, termites, keith and tex, brentford rockers, roy shirley, heptones, joya landis, eternals, derrick harriott, pluto, prince student, jah youth, dub specialist

7:00:47 PM lee perry roast duck
7:03:45 PM lord tanamo taller than you are
7:06:24 PM count lasher/lyn taitt/baba brooks band hooligans
7:08:39 PM west indians hokey pokey
7:10:40 PM desmond dekker beautiful & dangerous
7:16:23 PM termites sign up
7:16:52 PM keith & tex stop that train
7:19:52 PM brentford rockers pirates choice
7:19:55 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:24:32 PM roy shirley touch them (never let them go)
7:26:48 PM heptones sweet talking - discomix
7:32:50 PM joya landis when the lights are low
7:35:31 PM eternals pity the children
7:38:01 PM derrick harriott since i lost my baby version
7:38:09 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:40:35 PM pluto ramgoat liver
7:43:38 PM pluto dat
7:47:21 PM pluto your honour
7:51:00 PM prince student rivers of babylon
7:54:18 PM jah youth natty dread travel on mini bus
7:57:25 PM dub specialist together dub

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