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mighty bomber, don drummond, stranger and gladdy, slim smith, ken boothe, dandy livingston, treasure isle all stars, hopeton lewis, u roy, black brothers ethiopians, leroy smart, tyrone taylor, i roy, prince fari, dennis brown, big youth, valerie harrison, skatalites

7:00:39 PM mighty bomber lacatan
7:04:22 PM don drummond dragon weapon
7:07:12 PM stranger & gladdy rudies all around
7:09:22 PM slim smith happy times
7:12:11 PM ken boothe mr. wind
7:14:28 PM dandy livingston brand new day
7:16:49 PM treasure isle all stars sweet lorna
7:16:52 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:19:26 PM hopeton lewis/u roy tom drunk
7:21:55 PM black brothers the donkey bray
7:24:34 PM ethiopians it will be alright
7:27:18 PM leroy smart god helps the man
7:30:31 PM tyrone taylor sufferation
7:38:23 PM treasure isle all stars gemini rock
7:38:25 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:40:30 PM i roy idlers rest
7:43:28 PM prince fari big fight under heavy manners
7:47:00 PM dennis brown/big youth in his own way
7:53:24 PM valerie harrison fool's paradise
7:58:09 PM skatalites seven seal

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