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7:00:59 PM roland alphonso shot in the dark
7:03:19 PM prince buster all stars pink night
7:05:44 PM movers jo ann
7:07:44 PM gaylads let's fall in love
7:11:44 PM conquerors on that day
7:12:49 PM slim smith i'll never let go
7:15:49 PM hopeton lewis/chosen few boom shack lacka
7:18:31 PM soul rhythms soul call
7:18:32 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:21:08 PM sensations/jah stone baby love/westmoreland flood
7:26:44 PM reggae boys me no born yah
7:29:13 PM heptones god bless the children
7:33:03 PM cornell campbell my confession
7:35:41 PM loyd robinson cuss cuss
7:39:09 PM Set Break: Set Break
7:42:00 PM lloyd parks for the love of you
7:45:44 PM jacob miller girl don't come
7:48:37 PM trinity slim thing
7:52:26 PM big youth the best big youth
7:54:32 PM errol dunkley black cinderella
7:57:35 PM augustus pablo cinderella in black

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