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Train To Skaville-January 9, 2018

Sunday January 14 2018 10:21 AM By Brian Tomsic

duke reid's all stars, desmond dekker, stranger cole, kingstonians, roland alphonso, clancy eccles, baba brooks, carlton and his shoes, tommy mccook, dave and ansel collins, errol dunkley, clifton gibb, rod taylor, culture, heptones, gussie prento

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Train To Skaville-January 2, 2018

Sunday January 07 2018 09:22 AM By Brian Tomsic

theo beckford, king pioneer all stars stranger cole, king edwards, kingstonians, beltones, alton ellis, johnnie taylor, eric morris, ken parker, barry biggs, bob marley, mighty diamonds, ethiopians, peter broggs, u brown, upsetters, dillinger

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Train To Skaville-December 26, 2017

Sunday December 31 2017 09:27 AM By Brian Tomsic

jiving juniors, duke reid, baba brooks band, johnny moore, prince buster, honey boy martin, eric donaldson, dave barker, marcia griffiths, dennis alcapone, lloyd and devon, jennifer lara, lloyd parks, max romeo, u roy, glen adams, gladiators, black slate, bunny wailer, sly dunbar

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Train To Skaville-December 19, 2017

Wednesday December 20 2017 08:32 AM By Brian Tomsic

Annual Christmas Special

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Train To Skaville-December 12, 2017

Sunday December 17 2017 10:09 AM By Brian Tomsic

laurel aitken, owen and leon silvera, skatalites, wilfred jackie edwards, hopeton lewis, freddie mckay, ken boothe, dudley williamson, norma fraser, freddie mcgregor, alton and hortense ellis, gregory isaacs, mama benji, junior murvin, lloyd robinson, rockers all stars, i roy, observers

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Train To Skaville-December 5, 2017

Sunday December 10 2017 10:50 AM By Brian Tomsic

clue j, blues blasters, millie small, frank cosmo, owen grey, heptones, roy shirley, pioneers, uniques, desmond dekker, soul agent, soul defenders, pat kelly, delroy wilson, boris gardiner, love people, king tubbys, tapper zukie, u brown, big youth, horace andy, rico

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Train To Skaville-September 19, 2017

Monday December 04 2017 06:05 PM By Brian Tomsic

tommy mccook, skatalites, prince buster, don drummond, roy shirley, glen adams, ken parker, eric donaldson, pat kelly, freddie mckay, johnny clarke, horace andy, bob marley, tapper zukie, u brown, lone ranger, trinity, upsetters

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Train To Skaville-November 28, 2017

Sunday December 03 2017 09:32 AM By Brian Tomsic

ken boothe, owen and leon silvera, shenley duffus, joe white and chuck, glen and dave, tartans, tennors, inspirations, delroy wilson, sound dimension, dice the boss, johnny clarke, observers, i roy, congoes, sugar minott, dillinger, blackbeard's all stars

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Train To Skaville-September 26, 2017

Thursday November 30 2017 07:55 AM By Brian Tomsic

bassies, duke reid's all stars, mellow larks, clue j, blues blasters, desmond dekker, techniques, paragons, clarendonians, bobby paris, justin hinds, music doctors, uroy, big youth, johnny clarke, hugh mundell, meditations, upsetter, poet and the roots, sir coxsone sound

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Train To Skaville-November 21, 2017

Sunday November 26 2017 10:03 AM By Brian Tomsic

byron lee, keith and enid, trenton spence, skatalites, ken boothe, lee perry, clarendonians, eric donaldson, busty brown, eric frater, wailers, johnny osbourne, barry white, soul defenders, barry brown, culture, ethiopians, dub specialist

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