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Train To Skaville-July 10, 2018

Sunday July 15 2018 11:52 AM By Brian Tomsic

laurel aitken, ken richards, monty morris, wrigglers, dawn penn, cynthia richards, bill gentles, heptones, sensations, stranger cole, dave and ansel collins, brent dowe, gladiators, bob marley, cliff stewart, the new establishment, lee perry, mikey dread, prince alla, peter tosh, observer all stars

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Train To Skaville-July 3, 2018

Sunday July 08 2018 10:44 AM By Brian Tomsic

little lunan, upsetters, ken boothe, actions, desmond dekker, jay boys, freddie mckay, dave barker, glen brown, eric monty morris, freddie mcgregor, freedom singers, rico, vivian jackson and the prophets, tapper zukie, i roy, u brown, jacob miller, freddie mckay

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Train To Skaville-JUne 26, 2018

Sunday July 01 2018 09:28 AM By Brian Tomsic

ronald wilson, skatalites, uniques, heptones, lester sterling, alton ellis, tonettes, caribbeans, delroy wilson, big youth, horace andy, observers, mighty diamonds, twinkle brothers, congoes, dub specialist

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Train To Skaville-June 19, 2018

Sunday June 24 2018 09:43 AM By Brian Tomsic

rico rodriguez, don drummond, laurel aitken, prince buster, prince buster, larry leonard, progressions, ken parker, ken boothe, roland alphonso, barry biggs, winston wright, johnny clark, clint eastwood, culture, prince weedy, gussie prento

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Train To Skaville-June 12, 2018

Sunday June 17 2018 09:35 AM By Brian Tomsic

martin and derrick, shenley duffus, don drummond, desmond dekker, roy shirley, johnny and the attractions, dynamites, phyllis dillon, larry and alvin, gladiators, roy tomlinson, pat kelly, dave barker, max romeo, clifton gibbs, selected few, linval thompson, u roy, bunny wailer

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Train To Skaville-June 5, 2018

Sunday June 10 2018 09:47 AM By Brian Tomsic

skatalites, charmers, westmorelites, hopeton lewis, delano stewart, clancy eccles, hopeton lewis, black and george, bob andy, maroons, bob marley, wailers, gladiators, max romeo, horace andy, black slate, ken boothe, i roy, alton ellis, heptones

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Train To Skaville-May 29, 2018

Sunday June 03 2018 11:17 AM By Brian Tomsic

owen grey, saints, skatalites, austin faithful, roy shirley, slim smith, freedom singers, hopeton lewis, glen brown, freddie mckay, heptones, al campbell, lloyd charmers, lee perry, vivan jackson, prophets, king tubbys, tapper zukie, u brown, sir coxsone sound

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Train To Skaville-May 22, 2018

Sunday May 27 2018 10:13 AM By Brian Tomsic

derrick morgan, ebonies, duke reid, baba brooks band, roy and ivonne, glen adams, desmond dekker, melodians, heptones, henry buckley, alton ellis, carlton and his shoes, mighty diamonds, cornell campbell, gladiators, tamlins, johnny clarke, freddie mcgregor, deadly headly, bobby ellis, revolutionaries

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Train To Skaville-May 15, 2018

Monday May 21 2018 08:28 AM By Brian Tomsic

baba brooks, owen and leon silvera, millie small, baba brooks, prince buster, tony scott, harry j all stars, winston williams, richard ace, ken boothe, pat kelly, barry biggs, rupie edwards, culture, congoes, king tubbys

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Train To Skaville-May 8, 2018

Sunday May 13 2018 10:02 AM By Brian Tomsic

duke reid's all stars, bobby aitken, lynn tait and the boys, gladiators, tartans, stranger cole, ken boothe, u roy, gaylads, ansel collins, observers, freddie mckay, lloyd jones, sammy dread, papa tullo, kiddus i, i roy, aggrovators, observers

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