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tribute to lee scratch perry part 5,upsetters, heptones, george faith, dr. alimantado, lee perry, lord sassafrass, raphel green, bunny and ricky, keith rowe

7:01 pm upsetters french connection chapter 2
7:05 pm upsetters waap you waa
7:08 pm heptones i shall be released party time
7:13 pm heptones/upsetters babylon falling/version
7:19 pm george faith midnight hour/ya ya to be a lover
7:28 pm dr. alimantado best dressed chicken in town
7:31 pm lee perry soul fire
7:34 pm lord sassafrass/upsetters green bay killing/version
7:40 pm raphel green/alimantado rasta train
7:47 pm lee perry judgement ina babylon
7:51 pm bunny & ricky bushweed corntrash
7:55 pm keith rowe/upsetters groovy situation/dub

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