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Bobby kingdom, blue beats, Lord Tanamo, Stranger cole, Gladstone Anderson, Glen adams, Kingstonians, Tennors, Horace hinds, Jamaicans, Vin Gordon, Beverleys all stars, Derrick harriott, Gene rondo, Zap pow, Cornell campbell, Dennis brown, Ricky grant, I roy, Dillinger, Gussie Clarke

Bobby kingdom/blue beats go pretty baby
Lord Tanamo iron bar
Stranger cole/Gladstone Anderson seeing is knowing
Glen adams cant hide love
Kingstonians Ill be around
Tennors sign of the times
Horace hinds black mans country
Jamaicans feel the festive spirit
Vin Gordon tribute to don Drummond
Beverleys all stars busy bee
Derrick harriott face dog/version
Gene rondo lovers question
Zap pow if you dont love me by now
Cornell campbell Ill never let you go
Dennis brown one day soon
Ricky grant who art Babylon
I roy red gold & green
Dillinger take it easy
Gussie Clarke no no no

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