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7:01 pm laurel aitken call the doctor
7:03 pm skatalites ringo's theme
7:07 pm skatalites ringo's theme - version 2
7:10 pm inspirations wonder of love
7:13 pm jamaicans early one morning
7:16 pm demons you belong to my heart
7:22 pm techniques/ranking trevor you don't care - discomix
7:27 pm viceroys let him go (wrap up)
7:29 pm pioneers ali button
7:32 pm byron lee & the dragonaires build me up
7:35 pm herman love brother
7:40 pm scotty/crystalites sesame street/bells of death
7:47 pm dennis alcapone the great woggie
7:50 pm chosen few mexican divorce
7:51 pm horace andy born in the ghetto
7:54 pm heptones why must i version
7:59 pm gussie clarke one way

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