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chuck and dobby, owen grey, lord tanamo, pauline morgan, loveletts, gaylads, ken boothe, silverstars, raving ravers, glen adams, cables, bob andy, setbreak, trinity, dillinger

7:01 pm chuck & dobby oh fanny
7:04 pm owen grey poor me
7:06 pm lord tanamo if you were mine
7:09 pm pauline morgan & the loveletts stop the wedding
7:11 pm gaylads room for rent
7:14 pm ken boothe say you
7:18 pm silverstars old man say
7:20 pm raving ravers rock rock & cry
7:22 pm glen adams my argument
7:26 pm cables why can't we love
7:29 pm bob andy life could be a symphony
7:35 pm trinity slim thing
7:40 pm trinity three piece suit
7:42 pm trinity come on & groove me
7:45 pm trinity/dillinger so long rastafari
7:48 pm trinity ride on sandra
7:52 pm trinity harvest time
7:55 pm trinity sex

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