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Tribute to two artists who passed this past week-singer Johnny Nash and legendary producer Bunny "Striker" Lee, johnny nash, slim smith, uniques, glen adams, lester sterling, stranger cole, max romeo, u roy, derrick morgan, johnny clarke, cornell campbell, agrovators

7:01 pm johnny nash hold me tight
7:05 pm johnny nash stir it up
7:08 pm johnny nash cupid
7:11 pm slim smith give me some more
7:16 pm uniques my conversation
7:16 pm glen adams my argument
7:22 pm uniques my woman's love
7:25 pm lester sterling/stranger cole bangarang
7:28 pm max romeo wet dream
7:30 pm u roy wet vision
7:33 pm derrick morgan hold you jack
7:40 pm johnny clarke rock with me
7:43 pm johnny clarke enter into his gates with praise
7:48 pm cornell campbell the gorgon
7:52 pm cornell campbell wherever i lay my hat
7:58 pm agrovators dub gospel
7:59 pm agrovators golden rule dub

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