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7:01 pm blues busters ?rough & tough?
7:04 pm derrick morgan & the ebonies ?don't cry?
7:07 pm lynn tait ?road to nowhere?
7:09 pm sir lord comic ?the great wuga wuga?
7:12 pm prince buster ?burke's law?
7:15 pm roy shirley ?dance the a una?
7:18 pm soul brothers ?shanty town curfew?
7:23 pm saints ?by the sea?
7:25 pm ken boothe ?kim?
7:29 pm slim smith/uniques ?speak no evil?
7:31 pm barry biggs ?what will my mary say?
7:33 pm sound dimension ?reggae for days?
7:36 pm little roy ?bongo nyah?
7:39 pm gladiators ?jah go before us?
7:43 pm congoes ?nickodeemus? heart of the congoes-40th anniversary edition 17 north parade
7:49 pm johnny clarke ?play fool get wise?
7:52 pm clifton campbell/trinity ?a new civilization?
7:57 pm yabby you/king tubbys ?greetings?

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