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bob marley birthday, wailers, derrick morgan, owen and leon silver, marguerite, termites, renegades, ken boothe, ken parker ,freddie mckay, sound dimension, bob marley, horace andy, i roy, rico

7:01 pm wailers "one cup of coffee"
7:03 pm derrick morgan "leave her alone"
7:05 pm owen & leon silvera "want me cock"
7:08 pm marguerite "woman come"
7:12 pm wailers "mellow mood"
7:16 pm wailers "do it twice"
7:18 pm termites "i made a mistake"
7:21 pm renegades "knocking on my door"
7:24 pm ken boothe "just another girl"
7:28 pm wailers "trenchtown rock"
7:32 pm wailers "guava jelly"
7:34 pm ken parker "it's alright"
7:37 pm freddie mckay "a little bit will do"
7:39 pm sound dimension "psychedelic rock"
7:42 pm bob marley/wailers "jah live"
7:46 pm bob marley/wailers "why must i"
7:49 pm horace andy "mother & child reunion"
7:52 pm i roy "is love me a deal with"
7:55 pm rico "dial africa"

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