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7:02 pm skatalites ?exodus?
7:03 pm maytals ?if you act this way?
7:07 pm keith & enid w/trenton spence & his group ?send me?
7:11 pm techniques ?love is not a gamble?
7:14 pm jennifer lara/dalton brown ?ordinary people?
7:17 pm delroy wilson ?this life makes me wonder?
7:20 pm glen & dave ?lucky boy?
7:22 pm zodiacs ?walk on by?
7:26 pm ethiopians ?got to be clean?
7:29 pm kid gungo ?hold the pussy?
7:32 pm jennifer lara ?consider me?
7:34 pm johnny clarke ?hey girl don't bother me?
7:36 pm cornell campbell ?dearest darling?
7:40 pm upsetters ?anasawa dub?
7:46 pm gladiators ?bongo red?
7:51 pm dennis brown ?malcolm x?
7:54 pm dennis brown ?songs my mother used to sing?
7:57 pm sound dimension ?roots dub?

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