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7:01 pm laurel aitken ?clementine?
7:03 pm techniques ?my whole world depends on you?
7:06 pm ken kes & the souvenirs ?s-u-k-i-n?
7:09 pm termites ?we gonna make it?
7:11 pm beltones ?home without you?
7:13 pm glen adams ?i want to hold your hand?
7:16 pm melodians ?the mighty melodians?
7:19 pm paragons ?seven in one?
7:22 pm wailers ?man to man/version?
7:28 pm rudies ?devil's lead soup?
7:35 pm johnny clarke ?it's a disgrace?
7:35 pm u brown ?satta dread style?
7:39 pm tappa zukie ?fire bun?
7:42 pm dicky burton ?god is watching you?
7:45 pm augustus pablo ?pablo dread in a red?
7:48 pm heptones ?good life?
7:55 pm scotty ?scoot call?
7:57 pm observers ?way of life?

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