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7:00 pm laurel aitken ?jericho?
7:02 pm jimmy cliff ?dearest beverley?
7:06 pm upsetters ?so bad?
7:08 pm roy shirley ?feel good?
7:11 pm derrick morgan ?won't be this way?
7:14 pm king pins ?it won't be this way (always)?
7:16 pm dobby dobson ?loving pauper?
7:19 pm cables ?mixing (baby why/what kind of world/salt of the earth)?
7:23 pm sir harry ?apollo 17(baby why/what kind of world/salt of the earth)?
7:28 pm justin hinds & the dominoes ?say me say?
7:31 pm heptones ?nine pounds of steel?
7:33 pm owen grey ?i can't stop loving you?
7:38 pm johnny clarke ?creation rebel?
7:42 pm u roy ?creation rebel version?
7:45 pm leroy smart/i roy ?jah is my light/wicked eat dirt?
7:55 pm mighty two/culture ?see dem a come version? two sevens clash-40th anniversary edition 17 north parade
7:57 pm upsetters ?rocky road dub?

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