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7:02 pm winston samuels ?my bride to be?
7:03 pm monty & the cyclones ?dog it?
7:06 pm ernie freeman ?dumplins?
7:09 pm alton ellis ?cry tough - alternate take?
7:11 pm desmond dekker ?it's a shame?
7:13 pm stranger & gladdy ?just like a river?
7:16 pm stranger & gladdy ?love me this evening?
7:19 pm ethiopians ?poor me?
7:23 pm jackie mittoo ?wire higher?
7:26 pm pat kelly ?man of my word?
7:29 pm junior delahaye ?love?
7:34 pm leroy smart ?shame & pride?
7:37 pm dennis alcapone ?six million dollar man?
7:43 pm prince fari ?heavy manners? suns of dub-riddimentary vp
7:46 pm culture/prince weedy ?see dema come/mask dem a mask? two sevens clash-40th anniversary edition 17 north parade
7:53 pm congoes ?children crying? heart of the congoes-40th anniversary edition 17 north parade
7:57 pm righteous flames ?natty dub?

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