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7:01 pm derrick morgan/blues busters ?when you dance?
7:04 pm gaylads ?don't try to reach me?
7:06 pm shenley duffus ?the lord will make?
7:10 pm jackie edwards/julian ?in paradise?
7:13 pm justin hinds/dominoes ?time pass by?
7:15 pm marvels ?medley?
7:18 pm paragons ?my best girl?
7:21 pm heptones ?i shall be released?
7:26 pm wailers ?mr. chatterbox?
7:28 pm barry biggs ?sweetest little thing?
7:31 pm errol dunkley ?black cinderella/version?
7:37 pm morgan & the soul defenders ?face your troubles?
7:40 pm culture/i roy ?i'm not ashamed/under tight wraps? two sevens clash-40th anniversary edition vp
7:47 pm congoes ?congoman? heart of the congoes-40th anniversary edition
7:55 pm u brown ?stop them jah?
7:57 pm lee perry & the silvertones ?finger mash?

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