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7:01 pm magic notes w/kenneth richards & his band ?why did you leave me?
7:04 pm shenley duffus ?things ain't going so right?
7:07 pm symarip ?must catch a train?
7:10 pm ken parker ?i can't hide?
7:12 pm joe higgs ?madamoiselle?
7:15 pm crystalites ?james ray?
7:18 pm freddy notes & the rudies ?montego bay?
7:21 pm rudies ?the split?
7:23 pm doreen schaffer ?try a little?
7:30 pm emotions ?poor man story long?
7:33 pm lone ranger ?monkey sue?
7:36 pm dub specialist ?dakar?
7:39 pm pat kelly ?when a boy is in love?
7:42 pm caroll thompson ?i'm so sorry/version?
7:48 pm twinkle brothers ?never get burn/version?
7:55 pm i roy ?straight to the heathen head?
7:58 pm gussie prento ?puma 90681?

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